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6 Interesting Sexual Facts

I decided I would have a little extra fun with today’s blog post. I am taking 6 pictures that I have posted via my Facebook page: Kinky Bunny

Below are 6 interesting facts revolving around my favorite topic, SEX.

Were you surprised by any of these? Post sex sadness intrigued me and I actually have a more in depth post about it. To view it click here

I was also surprised that the egg actually chooses which sperm to allow in. I believe all my science classes we learned it the other way around. Although I have to say the “fastest” sperm theory does have more of an intrigue to it.


  1. Sex toys are unregulated
  2. Post sex sadness is real
  3. 1 in 6 woman have never had an orgasm
  4. 3% of people have no sexual fantasies
  5. The egg chooses the “winning” sperm
  6. The penis and vagina account for less than 10% of erogenous zones

Sadness after sex…Say What?

Thinking back I can’t remember if I ever experienced sadness after sexual intercourse. Usually I am riding the “high” from the endorphins. I use sex to help relax especially if I am trying to get to sleep. For me, sex is a pleasurable experience during and after. But, for some that is not always the case.

It’s difficult to think that you can experience sadness after sex. Especially after pleasurable and satisfying sex. But, for some, they can experience forms of sadness, anxiety or even depression after sexual relations.  There is actually a medical term for this, post coital tristesse or dysphoria. 

…enjoyment of sensual pleasure is past, the greatest sadness follows.

17th century, philosopher Baruch Spinoza 

Post coital tristesse can affect anyone. Recent studies show it tends to be more common in males. It also affects everyone differently, but the main symptom is a complete contrast of how you were feeling just a few moments ago. 

Have you ever experienced post coital tristesse? If you have don’t feel bad. Surprisingly it is a very common thing. Below are three reasons you might be experiencing P.C.T.

  1. Aftercare- This isn’t just for the BDSM community. After your physical needs are met, you need to make sure your emotional needs are also fulfilled. Cuddles and some pillow talk can go a long way.
  2. Internal conflict- One nighters or casual sex might be fun for awhile. But in the long run it could be creating conflict with your need for intimacy. You could be feeling sad because you know this experience will never be repeated.
  3. Trauma/Shame- Even if the trauma wasn’t sexual in nature being intimate can make you vulnerable which can open old wounds.

Regardless of why are you are experiencing post coital tristeese, know you are are normal.

Kama Sutra

When you hear Kama Sutra, most automatically think of crazy sex positions. Sex positions are what attracted most people to the book, however Kama Sutra is much more than crazy positions.

The Kamasutra, is an ancient Sanskrit (Classical South Asia language) written manuscript that covered many topics. It was written by Vatsyayana Mallanga, sometime within the third century.  The original text was composed of 1,250 verses that made 36 chapters and 7 different parts. 

In the 19th century an adaptation from British explorer Richard Francis Burton which focused more on the primitive sexual concepts. This is what people think of as Kama Sutra.  Many scholars believe that Burton incorrectly translated the text. Burton’s version has men being the only one to receive pleasure where as in the original, both sexes receive pleasure.

What do you think of when Kama Sutra is mentioned? If you read the original you will find it to be much more than sex. It’s a philosophy on life.

3 Sex Myths: Debunked

Myth by definition is a false belief or idea. They hold there weight because of the very thin line of truth behind them. When it comes to sex there are numerous false ideas floating around. I am going to debunk 3 of the top myths I’ve personally heard over the years.

This was a popular one. I can see how people would think this is valid. If you are having trouble conceiving there are certain positions for better success. Being on top would not be the likely choice. However, regardless of what position you are in when the sperm enters your vagina you can become pregnant. Sperm swims. It can also live inside your body for up to five days.

This myth I feel got started to slut shame. The vaginal muscle tissue is very elastic and no penis will ever make it “loose”. If the vagina became “loose” then every female that has given birth would be “loose”. That is not the case. The muscles will bounce back.

“Unless you are engaging in practices that are out of the ordinary, I would say absolutely not.” says Alyssa Dweck, MD, ob-gyn in Westchester, New York and co-author of The Complete A to Z for Your V. “The vagina is an incredibly forgiving area, very rich in nerves and blood supply . . . so traditional penile-vaginal intercourse isn’t going to cause any permanent stretching, although things stretch at the time of course,” Dr. Dweck tells Health.


Anytime bodily fluids are exchanged there is a chance of spreading germs. This includes STI’s. Unless you create a barrier like a condom or dental dam you are at risk for infection. If you are sexually active it is best to get tested regularly.

STDs can be spread to a sex partner even when the infected partner has no signs or symptoms.  If you are infected with an STD, you might not know it because many STDs may have no symptoms.

Dental Dams are similar to condoms. They are thin 6 inch squares made from latex or nitrile .