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How a sex blogger keeps their mind occupied during snowstorm

As I sit by my window sipping tea and looking out in to the snowy world; I am reminded how growing up everyone seemed fixated on outside winter activities like snowboarding or skating. I on the other hand always thought about naked girls in hot tubs trying to get warm from the winter cold. I imagined couples snuggling and making out by the fireplace. They would be completely naked and under a soft fluffy blanket.

Everything is so dry during the frigid winter because of lack of moisture in air. I always day dreamed about lotioning some beautiful goddess. Never imagined the happy ending like you see in numerous porn movies. I just enjoyed thinking about the teasing and touching.

Winter can bring many different memories for a bunch of people. For me, I still think about those erotic situations. While others are thinking about sledding, building a fort or a snowman, I am thinking about all the new naughty ways a person can have sex.

One of my favorite scenarios was being stranded in the woods. Me and another person (sometimes a girl sometimes a guy) would be driving in the backwoods during a snowstorm. Our vehicle would break down. Miles from anywhere we try to make the best of the situation. To stay warm without consuming all our gas at once we crawl into the backseat and snuggle.

Of course snuggling led to other activities. Innocent kisses on the neck which would send goosebumps through my entire body. Nibbling of my ear. French kissing. While our tongues were exploring each others mouth are hands were exploring each others body.

When it became too much the clothes came off. Even in the freezing temperatures we stayed warm from the heat of our bodies.

I never thought much past the sex, as far as being rescued. I just enjoyed the thought of having sex while stranded in a blizzard. Those are the things I think about as I watch the snow fall while enjoying my cup of tea.

Do you have special fantasies for the winter time? Comment down below I would love to hear them.