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Turning over for what feels like the hundredth time, I haven’t gotten any sleep. Lately I haven’t been getting enough restful sleep. It’s like closing my eyes and nothing happens. The clock shows that several hours have passed, but it doesn’t feel like it. 

I know I am stressed over the in-laws staying with us for several weeks. They are having renovations done on their home and decided it would be the perfect time to visit their son.  Personally, I feel it is a tactic to make sure I am living up to their standards of what a wife should be. 

Rolling over I saw that I still had several hours before I had to get up. Watching my guy sleep is entertaining. He must be having a good dream. Every few seconds he lets out a muffled moan. I wish there was a way to view people’s dreams. I would love to see what my guy dreams about. He always says he dreams about me, but I have a suspicion that he dreams about other girls. Not that I can do anything about it. We don’t have complete control over our dreams. Still, I find it romantic. 

My guy lets out another moan and I decide to take advantage of the situation. Starting at his wrist which is resting on my pillow I slowly begin to kiss his arm.  Every few kisses, soft moans escape from deep in his throat. When I reach the end of his arm I use my nose to push on his cheek to better expose his neck. I plant several soft kisses with a couple of playful bites around his strong jawline. He moves around a little bit. Not a hundred percent sure he is asleep.

I continue to make my way down his chest, planting kisses every few inches. When I reach his waist I know he is awake because I am greeted with a nice bulge. I didn’t want to go straight for the kill so I skipped over his magnificent bulge and continued along his left thigh. A sigh escaped him and my only response was “Patience, Tiger”. 

As I finished kissing my way back up his right side, I was greeted with a huge smirk. Getting on top, straddling him I slowly grind into him while planting kisses all along his jawline.  “Someone is in a playful mood,” he said. “I couldn’t sleep and you were looking too delicious.” I replied. Cupping his jaw I passionately slipped my tongue into his mouth and was greeted with just as eager of a tongue.

His hands started to explore my body. Running down my back and upper thighs and coming back up to squeeze my butt. This only made me grind into him more which he in turn helped further along by pressing my butt into his hard bulge. “Are you sure you want to do this, with my parents right next door?” he asked. Sitting up I pull off my shirt “We are married adults what are they going to do?”

He pushed me over onto my back and made quick work of taking both our shorts off. He teased my pussy. Using the head of his cock, he spanked and rubbed my clit. Then he teased me even more by putting just the tip in. I tried to grind up on him to enjoy more of his length but he held my thighs down. Then he slammed into me. While kissing between my neck and nipples he pounded my pussy. It didn’t take long before I was cumming all over his cock. A few more thrusts and I could feel his warm cum filling my pussy. 

A little out of breath and sweaty he rested his head on my chest.  Wrapping my arms around him I kissed him and finally drifted off to sleep.


The plan seemed like a good idea at the time. While driving home, I go over the events I put into motion.

Nervous, I take an extra detour around town. As my cell buzzes in the seat next to me, I realize my extra detour was probably a bad idea. 

Not wanting to dig myself deeper, I immediately head home. 

Sitting on the bench, in the mud room is Master. Relief washes over his face when I initially walk through the door. It’s quickly replaced by anger. 

He’s quite. I know his game. He’s waiting for me to make the first move. I play checkers while he’s mastered chess.  He already has my punishment figured out. He’s just waiting to see at what level he needs to execute it.

Zip tying my hands in front of me, he orders me onto all fours. My favorite wand between my legs.

“Don’t cum.” He demanded “When I say UP, rise off your toy. When I say DOWN, lower yourself onto your toy. Understood?”


Spanking my ass “Yes, what?”

“Yes, Master.”

After several circuits of UP and DOWN it was becoming increasingly difficult not to orgasm. Master ignores my pleas for shorter DOWN time.

Struggling to obey Master’s demand, I accidentally cum. It happened so quickly.

Transferring me to the bed. Hands tied behind my back, legs spread wide open so Master can view his pussy.

He gives his pussy ten spanks for disobeying an order. By the eighth spank I was on the verge of cumming, again. Number nine and then nothing.

Leaning over me “This is your punishment. You really think I am going to let you cum, again?”


At the edge of town there is an old house. It’s been abandoned for as long as I can remember. There are rumors floating around town about an old man who lived there. He was a mean old drunk. 

Personally, I do not mind the rumors floating around about the old brick house, at the edge of town. It keeps the public away, which is perfect for my secret hide out.

Living in a house with 6 other people, it’s nice to have my own personal space where I can do my own thing.

My hide out, that I use for things like gambling, drinking and sex. It took a few weeks to get past the creep factor, but now I can easily get off in the house. 

 It doesn’t take much to get a girl to fall out of her clothes in this town. Like Joe Nichols says, “tequila makes her clothes fall off” I’m not much into country, but I sure do like it when her clothes come off.

The latest flavor…. A feisty college girl majoring in American literature. A hopeless romantic…

Starting off slow, I tease and play with her nipples.

Warmed up, she starts stroking my bulge hiding in my pants.

Pulling her hair back in a make-shift ponytail I watch as she unwraps my cock and runs her mouth up and down. 

While teasing my cock with her tongue, I assist a little by slowly fucking her mouth.  The wetter it gets, the more the slurping noises increase. Instant turn-on!

Not wanting to cum from a blow job, I have her ride me. Twisting her nipples and kissing her neck she rides my cock to ecstasy.

She rests her head on my shoulder. Her hair had an intoxicating smell of coconut and vanilla…My favorite flavor so far.

You and your hand

Pink said it best, “… it’s just you and your hand tonight”

Even though this is about a guy having to rub one off because he wasn’t going to be getting lucky.

I find nothing wrong about masturbation. I’ve seen many times where the female will get upset if she finds her guy rubbing one off while watching porn. I find this absurd! Why does it matter if he is rubbing one off? This is an opportunity to join in and help. I don’t think anyone should me ashamed to want to feel good. I love sex with my spouse, but I also like to masturbate too. There shouldn’t be a rule where once you are in a relationship you can no longer self pleasure yourself. It is your body and you should be able to go exploring as much as you want!

There is something about having alone time. You can really step out and try something new without judgement. Plus, I find that those who masturbate know exactly what they want and can express that to their partner for a better sexual experience. I know exactly where to tell my guy to put the vibe to drive me wild.

What are your thoughts? Is there such a thing as too much masturbation? If you are in a relationship should you still be self- pleasuring?

“Puppy Love”

“This is your third coffee today. Are you training for a marathon?” the barista asked while handing me my cup.

“No.” I nervously replied. I quickly left before any follow up questions.

It’s true, this will be my third coffee in 24 hours. I don’t always finish them. I do order a lot because it gives me time to stare at the beauty behind the counter, Tiffany. Her beautiful golden skin, blond hair, and lips that I want to bite and suck on all night. 

Almost a stalker, I know her schedule pretty well. I’ve been trying to figure out how to tell her I like her. Maybe ask her out, but so far all I’ve accomplished is making her think I am a caffeine junkie. 

I need to think of something soon because my body can’t handle all this caffeine.

While making my usual stop for coffee I decided that this is the day I am going to ask her out. Okay,maybe not a date, maybe hang out as friends. After all, you have to be friends before lovers… Bull. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into her.

Waiting in line I practiced in my head how I would bring up hanging out. A new chick flick was out. I’m not sure the name as I am more a blood and guts kinda girl. 

“Hey you, the usual?” she asked

“Yeah..and..” She stopped and stared at me and I drew a blank “Yeah, just the usual” Blowing my moment, I paid and then assumed my position at the edge of the counter.

I watched her intently as she made my coffee. She was so focused on the task before her. I caught her biting her lip several times and I just imagined how good it tasted.  Every time she turned away I wanted to run my tongue up and down her delicious neck and bite her tiny earlobes. I’ve imagined what it would be like having her spread eagle on my bed. Feasting on her delicious pussy. Feeling her swollen clit under my tongue. Her moaning as I was satisfying all her pussy needs.

I’ve imagined what it would be like having her spread eagle on my bed. Feasting on her delicious pussy.

I was interrupted from my erotic day dream with her handing over my coffee.

“This might sound weird but there is a new movie out. I was wondering if you would want to go with me.”I bluntly asked. I had no idea what was happening until the question was already out. 

“The one with Brad Pitt? I’ve been wanting to see that.”

Jotting my number down on a napkin I told her to message me when she was available. 

The night arrived and I couldn’t wait. I picked a theater that was in a smaller town, so hopefully we would have a little more privacy. 

Picking our seats in the back, we settled in, getting our snacks and drinks in order. So far there aren’t a lot of people at the show.  I had no idea what this movie was about, but it didn’t matter as my mind was on other deviant things. 

As I suffered through the horrible story line of the movie I tried everything from brushing her hair out of her way, offering her some of my snacks and even brushing my hand against hers. Nothing seemed to grab her attention. 

She was wearing a skirt and I so badly wanted to run my hand up her thigh.   

A low point in the movie arrived and I took a shot at comforting her by putting my arm around her shoulders. She leaned into my chest. The smell of her was intoxicating. She was so soft as I rubbed her shoulder.

I started to get excited from the closeness. Not being able to feel out the situation I didn’t know if I should make a more branson move.  Handing her a napkin she receded to her seat. 

After the movie I still continued to subtly hint that I wanted more. I held the doors open for her. Placed my hand on the small of her back. I even paid for everything.

Pulling up to her house to drop her off I started to make small talk.

“Thank you so much Lauren for taking me to the movie.”

“My Pleasure” I said smiling “Maybe we can go out again?”

“Umm… Yeah we can probably go out again.”She started searching in her purse “Whenever there is a chick flick we can go together. I can never get my boyfriend to take me, even if I offer him sex.”

“You have a boyfriend?”I asked kind of angrily.

“Yeah, Brian. You want to see a picture of him. He’s totally a 10.”


Making my way home, heart broken trying to fight back tears so my vision wasn’t blurry.  I sat in my driveway. All I could think about is how much money I spent on coffee, which I didn’t even like. I got nothing in return. This is what guys must feel all the time when they strike out. Now I know why they play the field.