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It’s two in the morning. I’m never going to be able to sleep. Flipping the TV on I scroll through, stopping on a fitness channel. A woman with small shorts and a bikini style top was doing donkey kicks. Watching her was getting my “soldier” excited. I start rubbing the head of my cock through my pants. As the throbbing increased I pulled it out to fully stroke it. While watching the fitness guru get her workout on I got my own workout in, stroking my cock up and down. It wasn’t long before I was cumming. Still couldn’t sleep.


Daily drabble. Drabble = 100 word story

I rummage through my nightstand to retrieve my pink vibrator with the bulb like head. I haven’t used this in so long. Last time it disappointed me. Everyone deserves a second chance. Fingers crossed. The vibrations satisfy my clit. Moving on I slowly insert it, feeling it opening up my pussy. Turning the speed up and angling it a little. I hit a spot where the sensation is a little different, more intense. Tightly gripping the toy I held it on that spot. Warmth rushes through me, everything tightens and my pussy releases it’s juices all over my clean bed.

You and your hand

Pink said it best, “… it’s just you and your hand tonight”

Even though this is about a guy having to rub one off because he wasn’t going to be getting lucky.

I find nothing wrong about masturbation. I’ve seen many times where the female will get upset if she finds her guy rubbing one off while watching porn. I find this absurd! Why does it matter if he is rubbing one off? This is an opportunity to join in and help. I don’t think anyone should me ashamed to want to feel good. I love sex with my spouse, but I also like to masturbate too. There shouldn’t be a rule where once you are in a relationship you can no longer self pleasure yourself. It is your body and you should be able to go exploring as much as you want!

There is something about having alone time. You can really step out and try something new without judgement. Plus, I find that those who masturbate know exactly what they want and can express that to their partner for a better sexual experience. I know exactly where to tell my guy to put the vibe to drive me wild.

What are your thoughts? Is there such a thing as too much masturbation? If you are in a relationship should you still be self- pleasuring?