Two reasons I LOVE edging

For years when I played with myself right before I was ready to cum I would immediately stop. Usually, I was watching porn. So I’d enjoy the porn for a little bit and then repeat this process over and over again. When I no longer could handle the torment I’d cum. That my friends is edging. I never knew there was a term for it until much later. I was kinky way before I knew what kinky meant.

Edging is simply just a tease. So, why would someone put themselves through that?

Everyone is going to have a different answer, but these are the two main reasons why I edge.

  • 1.) Every time you build up to an orgasm and then immediately withdraw, it leaves your clit sensitive. The more you continue the more sensitive it will become. Therefore this allows me to have more of an intense experience. The kind that makes your legs shake.
  • 2.) When its finally time to cum the orgasm is much stronger. It’s the kind that makes you death grip your sheets and convulse. Who wouldn’t want that?

I was kinky way before I knew what kinky meant

-Zoey Roberts

People edge for numerous reasons but for me I just love the sensitivity and intense orgasm I achieve. Do you edge? What are your thoughts about it? Drop your thoughts down below in the comments.

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