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Fairy tale erotic rewrite

I love fairy tales. My favorite is The Princess and the Pea. It is about a prince trying to find a true princess to marry. One night a woman comes to the door seeking shelter from the storm. She claims to be a princess. They test her by placing a small pea under a bunch of mattresses. She is unable to sleep because she feels the pea. Only then do they believe she is a true princess. Only a real princess would feel the pea over all those mattresses.

Not disrespecting fairy tales, but I thought it would be fun to re write my favorite fairy tale and add a little erotic flavor to it. I hope you enjoy. Please, remember this was just for fun.

Once upon a time there lived a prince. He was a lonely prince. He spent most of his days roaming the village checking out beautiful maidens. He could have any girl he wanted, but he couldn’t seem to find the right one. They were either too tall or short. Had too big of boobs or none at all.

There were a few that seemed promising but they came with rumors of being “loose”.

Giving up hope of finding a wife the prince decided to just play the field. He had a new flavor almost everyday. He rather enjoyed fooling around than trying to settle. Why tie himself down to one woman when he can have a variety?

Years passed and the prince was losing interest of pleasing a new girl all the time. Although similar, when it came to sexual pleasure they varied greatly. Some wanted soft romance. Others wanted kisses and cuddles. Some even liked it rough. It was becoming tiresome for the prince to keep up with how each lady liked to be fucked.

Back on his search for his princess, he is again stressed with finding the right one.

One day during a rare blizzard a lady knocks on the castle doors. Greeted by the prince she tells him that she was robbed while making her journey home, to her kingdom.

The prince hardly believes that a beautiful goddess like herself is a princess and yet traveling alone. Feeling for her he offers her shelter for the night.

The prince escorts her to her room. Before leaving he spies on her through the crack of the door.

He watches as she slips out of her clothes. Exposing her flawless bronzed skin. She let down her hair which fell to the middle of her back. As she turned around he could see her perfectly round breasts. Her nipples were erect, along with the prince.

From her coat pocket she retrieves a small round device. Sprawling on the bed she does something to make it come alive. She traces it all along her body but focuses it mainly between her legs. Her toes curled as she moaned. The prince watched in excitement as she got off.

It wasn’t long before they were married and the prince got to try the pea like device that got his princess off that cold stormy night.

I hope you enjoyed my fairy tale re-write.


It’s two in the morning. I’m never going to be able to sleep. Flipping the TV on I scroll through, stopping on a fitness channel. A woman with small shorts and a bikini style top was doing donkey kicks. Watching her was getting my “soldier” excited. I start rubbing the head of my cock through my pants. As the throbbing increased I pulled it out to fully stroke it. While watching the fitness guru get her workout on I got my own workout in, stroking my cock up and down. It wasn’t long before I was cumming. Still couldn’t sleep.


Daily drabble. Drabble = 100 word story

Low on cigarettes, gas and no cell service boredom greeted me quickly.  There was an accident and officials didn’t have a time frame for clean-up. Reclining my seat I closed my eyes and took my mind somewhere else. After a while my hands started exploring.  Squeezing my breasts until my nipples poked through. Making my way between my legs and slowly caressing my pussy. The more I rubbed the wetter I became. My clit begged for satisfaction. I vigorously rubbed it until I was shaking from an orgasm; and I  didn’t stop as I had nothing else to do.

Clit “O” or vaginal “O”

I’m sure we all seen those scenes in porn where the girl is screaming at the top of her lungs. Supposedly from an intense orgasm.

Being a girl I got to thinking. What kind of orgasm do you prefer? While I was with my best friend shopping we ended up at Spencer’s. As we got to the back I noticed some sex toys and wanting some advice I asked her which toy I should get. She replied, well what kind of orgasm do you want? Do you like playing with your clit or do you prefer a dildo. Hence, that’s where today’s post comes from.

Let me get this out of the way. This is just going to be “My” opinion. Every female is going to have a different answer. So if your interested to read my thoughts on which I prefer continue…

Photo by Shiny Diamond on Pexels.com

Both are obviously going to feel good. As I was brainstorming I made a list of pros for each orgasm.


  • Easier to reach climax
  • Stronger, more intense because of all the nerve endings on head of clit


  • G-spot stimulation
  • Squirting

Vaginal is great, but much harder to achieve. For me I have to really build and work kind of hard (no pun intended) to have an orgasm via this method.

Clitoral is my favorite. It’s easier for me to achieve the intensity I want. There are many ways I can stimulate my little nub. Plus, I can have back to back orgasms and still maintain the pleasure level. With vaginal after I cum I lose a little bit of sensation..

Overall any orgasm is going to be great. But, when you explore your own body and start to learn what it wants, you will soon realize what it craves. At that moment you will be able to unlock those loud screams that porn stars fake.

Launching a sex blog

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Pexels.com

Reflection time:

It’s been a week since I decided to launch, Kinky Bunny. I’ve wanted to write and share erotic stories for awhile. There is an expression or maybe it’s a fact that a guy thinks about sex every two seconds. I don’t know the validity of such a statement, but I know for certain I think about sex every second.

A guy thinks about sex every two seconds…

I’ve encountered several obstacles of getting an adult content blog started. It seems I’ve entered the internet world in a time where social media or I should say some social media platforms are cracking down on sexual content. Although extremely frustrating to be “locked” out of your account for sharing what is passionate to you, I am not giving up.

Hoping one day I will be able to do this full- time as my job. I know I have a lot to learn but I am eagerly looking forward to the future. In 2021, I don’t think a lot of people can say that.

As I continue to work on my site fresher ideas keep popping in my head. Nothing is set in stone. But I will always share my sexual fantasies. I have too many that need releasing.


Our journey is halted with a down tree across the road. In an attempt to turn around, our vehicle gets stuck. Help is on the way but it seems we are too far up the mountain for rescue tonight. To conserve gas we jump into the back seat to combine our body heat.

This is not what I had planned for a romantic getaway, but protecting my girl is getting me in the mood. I pull her hair to one side and start kissing her neck. I add a few nibbles and a few moans escape from her.

Still kissing her I unzip her jacket and slide my hands under her shirt. Rubbing her nipples between my fingers. She starts grinding on my bulging cock. Separating her legs I make my way to her pussy. It’s so smooth and wet. I feel her swollen clit and slowly rub it side to side until she convulses in my lap.

Before I had time to react she had my pants unzipped and was teasing the head of my cock with her tongue. Rolling her tongue around the tip and then going all the way down. Pulling her hair back, I watched in excitement as she fucked my cock with her mouth.

Pushing her across the car I slowly entered her tight pussy. Teasing her with just the tip. The more frustrated she got the more turned on I became. Until finally I let her have it and pounded her pussy until we both came. I stayed inside her amazing pussy not wanting to pull out. After several long kisses I knew exactly how we were going to stay warm until rescue arrived; and that we didn’t need a cabin to regain our intimacy.

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Mission: Getting laid

Watching Miles work over a car, drenched in sweat is an irresistible forbidden fruit. Remaining faithful is difficult when you have urges. Urges that can not always be satisfied with a toy. However getting an employee to satisfy me is almost impossible. But, arming myself with my smallest daisy dukes and most revealing top, mission getting laid has been initiated.

Miles graciously accepted the iced lemonade. A little hesitant on joining me under the shade, but with persuasion he accepted.

“Do you mind putting some sunscreen on my back?”


“Yeah, you. My husband will be gone for hours.” replying as I tossed him the sunscreen. “I like it thick”

Scooting back on the bench he motioned me to come over. With my back to his chest he gently began rubbing the lotion on the edge of my shoulders.

“More than just my shoulders will be getting sun.”

I stripped off my top, hearing a slight gasp I leaned back into his chest, pushing my chest up exposing my erect nipples. Without missing a beat he cupped my breasts and began kissing my neck. Making his way down my stomach with his hands he skillfully unbuttoned my jeans and pushed his way to my clit which was throbbing badly.

“You’re so wet”

Before I knew it my shorts were off and I was straddling him. It felt good stretching out my pussy. With my hands on his chest I fully enjoyed riding up and down on his throbbing cock. It didn’t take long for the pressure to build and before I knew it I was cumming all over him. Just as I finished he grasped my thighs and I could feel his warm cum being shot into me.

“Now that’s one hell of a break” he said

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#1 song that will make you grind on your partner

We all heard the expression “sounds like porn music”…? I am guessing that is an expression. I know I have used it before. While I can’t say for sure what “exactly” is porn music I do know of a song where every time I hear it I automatically think about grinding up on my guy. I believe the sultriness of the beat is an aphrodisiac.

The song I am referring to is Dark Horse by Katy Perry. If you haven’t heard it here is a Youtube video for you to check out.

I am not a huge Katy Perry fan. Not going to bash her, I just do not like a lot of her music. This song just screams SEX to me. No matter where I am or what I am doing as soon as I hear it my mind goes directly to the gutter. With the type of blog I am writing I can sense a lot of eye rolls right now. I know, it doesn’t take much for my mind to enter gutter territory. Actually, I think it lives there most of the time.

What are your thoughts? Think this is a good sexual song? Comment down below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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How many times will Samantha be tested?

My heart is pounding in my ears. The wait is killing me.

“Samantha Glenn?”

“Yes! Right here”

“Pull your vehicle around front and the instructor will be with you momentarily”

This will be my second and hopefully last time taking this test. Unfortunately, seeing the instructor makes my stomach drop.

“Hello Ms. Glenn. Let’s do the same route as last time.”

With a huge sigh and a death grip on the steering wheel I make my way towards the main road.

The first turn was coming up and I was trying to go through the steps of everything required to execute it. Check the rear view mirror, check the side mirrors, and make sure to signal.

“Do you think you missed something back there?”

“Lights… Signals…I forgot to signal, sorry.”

All I can focus on is how amazing he smells and the sexiness of his voice. Every time he speaks my pussy aches.

“On the next turn lets remember your signal, ok?” he said, smirking.

The test goes well until we get near the home stretch, then my pussy starts taking over. Every chance I get I steal a glimpse of his strong jaw. My smooth lips and his stubble would be an unbelievable combination.

To my surprise we are back at the DMV. Having no knowledge of how we got there I am anxious to see how well I did.

“Are you usually nervous?”

“No…” blushing “You’re just really attractive and it’s distracting.”


Somewhere a lighting bolt of bravery struck me, “Would you like to go on a date?”

“ I’m gay…Good news though, I am passing you.”

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Two reasons I LOVE edging

For years when I played with myself right before I was ready to cum I would immediately stop. Usually, I was watching porn. So I’d enjoy the porn for a little bit and then repeat this process over and over again. When I no longer could handle the torment I’d cum. That my friends is edging. I never knew there was a term for it until much later. I was kinky way before I knew what kinky meant.

Edging is simply just a tease. So, why would someone put themselves through that?

Everyone is going to have a different answer, but these are the two main reasons why I edge.

  • 1.) Every time you build up to an orgasm and then immediately withdraw, it leaves your clit sensitive. The more you continue the more sensitive it will become. Therefore this allows me to have more of an intense experience. The kind that makes your legs shake.
  • 2.) When its finally time to cum the orgasm is much stronger. It’s the kind that makes you death grip your sheets and convulse. Who wouldn’t want that?

I was kinky way before I knew what kinky meant

-Zoey Roberts

People edge for numerous reasons but for me I just love the sensitivity and intense orgasm I achieve. Do you edge? What are your thoughts about it? Drop your thoughts down below in the comments.